Inspection & R/E Solutions

Improve the Manufacturing Processes with Metrology and Reverse Engineering Software

Checkmate for Solidworks

A modular CAD based suite of dimensional metrology software used to qualify parts, identify, and fix problems, and improve manufacturing processes. 

At the heart of the CheckMate suite of software is SoftFit Solver, a browser driven fitting engine with a robust set of user controls including multiple fitting algorithms with the ability to constrain translation and rotation in all three axis and apply scaling. CheckMate SoftFit Solver with its unique what-if capabilities provides engineers with unparalleled functionality to perform root cause analysis tasks by identifying problems and developing best-fix corrective action scenarios to deliver better products faster. 

With strict adherence to DMIS (Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard) and the emerging Q.I.F. (Quality Information Framework) standards, CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS ability to work with all forms of dimensional measuring equipment such as laser scanners, articulating arms, and theodolites by providing a common platform makes interoperability across dissimilar equipment not found elsewhere a reality. 

Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS

Reverse engineering-to-SOLIDWORKS software 

Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS® is a reverse engineering software toolset that plugs directly into your SOLIDWORKS environment, giving you advanced capabilities to make tools, point clouds, and polygons more usable in your design process. You can import data or scan directly in SOLIDWORKS and use the feature extraction wizards to extract CAD sketches, surfaces, and solids. 

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS
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The Only Complete 

Scan-to-SOLIDWORKS Solution

Integrated reverse-engineering software toolset that plugs directly in your SOLIDWORKS environment.


More accurate than SOLIDWORKS alone


Faster reverse engineering for complex organic models


Faster scan-based workflow

Geomagic® Design x

Reverse engineering software 

Geomagic® Design X™ makes it easy to extract new value from existing products by creating CAD models from 3D scans faster, more accurately, and more reliably than any other reverse-engineering method.

  • Handles large scan data sets (millions of points) faster than any other reverse-engineering software.
  • Creates complex 3D models with hybrid modeling for solid, surface, and mesh.
  • Connects directly to your existing CAD environment and creates native files that accurately represent a scanned object.
  • Rapidly creates solids or surfaces like you would in CAD.
  • Transfers 3D parametric models with full design history directly to popular CAD software.

Why Geomagic Design X?

  • Fast and accurate. Unlock new ways to accelerate product development for faster time to market, better fit, and longer product life cycles.
  • Powerful and flexible. Work seamlessly with any CAD software and create the right model for every project with complete toolsets for solids, surfaces, and meshes.
  • Proven and reliable. Don’t leave critical design work to chance with the only software that combines scan processing and CAD plus real-time feedback.
  • Easy to learn and use. Start using it right away—works like your CAD software.

Solidworks® inspection

Reduce the time required to create audit documents, help eliminate input errors, improve quality, and reduce launch time. 

The SOLIDWORKS Inspection plugin automates the ballooning of engineering drawings and 3D files with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) 

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Solidworks® MBD

Define, organize, and publish 3D annotations, including 3D model data in industry-standard file formats. 

SOLIDWORKS Model-Based Definition (MBD) lets you define and organize 3D dimensions, tolerances, datums, notes, Bills of Material (BOMs), and other annotations; customize publishing templates for manufacturing, such as Part or Assembly Specifications, Request for Quote (RFQ), and Incoming Inspection Reports. You can also publish to widely accepted formats, such as eDrawings, STEP 242, and 3D PDF for clear 3D communications.

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Improved and Streamlined Inspection Workflows

Leverage the SOLIDWORKS add-in or the dedicated standalone application to create detailed inspection reports regardless of the workflow.

PDF/TIFF File Support

Extract characteristic information from 2D PDF (included encrypted documents) and TIFF Files.

DXF/DWG File Support

Create inspection projects directly from native DXF/DWG files.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing File Support

Quickly balloon and created inspection reports from SOLIDWORKS Drawings.

Optical Character Recognition

When working with a PDF file or TIFF image, SOLIDWORKS Inspection can leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read and identify the nominal dimension, plus and minus tolerances, and the type of dimension (such as diametric or linear), helping to virtually eliminate manual input and reduce errors. It works with horizontal and vertical dimensions, split dimensions, notes, hole callouts, finish symbols, and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) symbols.

Customize Inspection Reports

Create and manage the Bill of Characteristics (BOCs), change the ordering, edit the numbering or group/ungroup characteristics. Define tolerance tables to standardize inspection reports and requirements.

Ballooned Drawing Appearance

Customize the inspection bubble shapes, color, and size. Define presets and apply styles based on parameters such as criticity or inspection method. Adjust balloon's placement.

PDF Drawing Comparison and 2D/3D Revision Management

PDF Drawing Comparison and 2D/3D Revision Management

PDF Drawing Comparison and 2D/3D Revision Management

Effectively plan quality control by defining Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) and calculating sample size, accept, and reject criteria.

Quality Systems Integration

Export inspection data to quality systems and databases using CSV or XML output formats. Publish directly to Net-Inspect.

Inspection Reports

Export finished ballooned drawings as PDFs or 3D PDFs (when working with 3D CAD files). Export inspection reports to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets using standard templates such as AS9102 or Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) forms or customized Excel templates.

SOLIDWORKS Part/Assembly File Support

Leverage SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies with Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI) to streamline the creation of inspection reports.

2D/3D CAD File Support

Open and extract information from other 2D/3D CAD files to create your inspection reports.

Inspection Measurements

Enter measured values for each characteristic directly into an inspection project either manually or by using a digital caliper. Import results from Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM).

Graphical Pass/Fail Status

Highlight dimensions in green, red, or yellow to easily identify which dimensions are In Tolerance, Out of Tolerance, or Marginally within Tolerance based on the values entered or imported CMM results.



SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you define feature-based annotations in Parts and assemblies (DimXpert), and import 3D annotations from common CAD formats for more efficient design.

When the number of 3D annotations becomes too many, you can show and hide annotations automatically as a model rotates, capture comprehensive settings with 3D views similar to visual bookmarks, compare 3D annotation differences between revisions to capture subtle but critical differences, and reuse 3D views in 2D drawings when necessary.

SOLIDWORKS MBD helps you communicate directly in 3D. If you like 3D PDF, the software can customize the templates, control accuracies and PDF sizes, publish BOM tables and notes, attach multiple files upon publishing, create and attach STEP242 files. SOLIDWORKS MBD can also output eDrawings or STEP 242 with software-readable annotations.

SOLIDWORKS MBD adds clarity in manufacturing communication with 3D integrated specifications, which can also drive downstream applications automatically, such as CAM and CMM programming. SOLIDWORKS MBD enables 3D annotations beyond geometry-based programming.

SOLIDWORKS MBD defines and organizes intuitive 3D specifications integrated with models, which shortens the learning curve. The output of high-quality STEP 242 and 3D PDF complies with the Long Term Archival and Retrieval (LOTAR) standard.

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